Schiffli Embroidered Dresses For Women

The Kapas is your buddy for Schiffli dresses for women online. You must try it out, but before that, we must share where all this came from.

The story of Schiffli embroidered dresses traces back to Switzerland in the early 19th century, when Isaak Gröbli, a Swiss textile engineer, introduced the Schiffli embroidery machine in 1820. The name "Schiffli" comes from Swiss-German and means "little boat" referring to the unique boat-shaped shuttle used in the machine. With time, innovations in cotton schiffli dresses made embroidery more accessible and completely changed the way textiles were produced.

What is Schiffli embroidery?

To create the embroidery, the design is first drawn onto the net background. Then, using a special sewing machine called a Schiffli machine (which is where the name comes from), the threads are stitched onto the net following the design. Instead of stitching on top of the fabric, as you might with regular embroidery, Schiiflli embroidery involves stitching on a net-like background. The result is a beautiful, delicate lace-like design that seems to float on top of the fabric.

The Kapas Latest Collection of Schiffli Dresses for Women

1. Co-ord Sets as Schiffli Dress for Women

Schiffli styles with our chic Co-ord Schiffli dress are ideal for brunch dates with friends or a casual day out. You can wear your favorite sneakers for a relaxed look, or wear this schiffli embroidered dress with heels for a night out in town. Whether you're strolling through the city streets or enjoying a leisurely afternoon picnic, our Co-ord Schiffli dress is sure to make you feel fabulous.

2. Cotton Schiffli Dress 

Our schiffli embroidered dress in cotton is crafted with care for both comfort and style. Attending a summer wedding, exploring a local market, or simply enjoying a day of leisure, this breathable and lightweight dress is your perfect choice. Just for an office look, you can try our white Schiffli dress. Style it with sandals and a floppy hat for a laid-back boho look, or you can also wear wedges and a statement belt to add a difference to the usual Schiffli styles.

3. Ruffle Schiffli Short Dress

We call this our playful Ruffle Schiffli Short Dress, which we also call our true showstopper. This helps your summer soirée, attending a bridal shower, or dancing the night away at a music festival, very comfortable. To add more to Schiffli's styles, wear strappy sandals and delicate jewellery for a stylish twist.

4. Embellished Ethnic Kurta Schiffli Dress for Women

Our stunning embroidered ethnic kurtas among Schiffli dresses for women online are perfect for festive celebrations, family gatherings, or special occasions. Handcrafted with intricate Schiffli embroidery and embellishments, each piece has a timeless appeal. You can pick any matching leggings or palazzos from our vast collection online for a traditional look. The best part is that even your fitting jeans can give you a strange twist.


We have a vast and latest range of Women Schiffli, which we bring afresh for each season. Our schiffli embroidered dresses for women are inspired by original works dating back to the 19th century as well as a fusion of Jaipuri culture.